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Welcome to the Simulation Centre North East

Simulation, what does it do?

Modern simulation is used in many high risk industries, such as the military, nuclear power and aviation, all of which show remarkably low failure rates. Research now indicates, using simulation in healthcare can also remarkably reduce risk, whilst increasing workforce skill and quality.

Based at the Freeman Hospital Newcastle, the Simulation Centre North East provides high fidelity interactive teaching using our outstanding facilities. Placing students in a realistic environment allows us to assess many aspects of this environment such as:

•Task Management
•Situational Awareness
•Decision Making
•Communication & Team Work

The team at the Simulation Centre North East are highly motivated to provide an excellent service with educationally sound theories of practice. ‘How much better for a patient to know that a healthcare professional has practised, refined and rehearsed their skills before taking the patients life into their hands’ (Chief Medical Officer)


At the Simulation Centre we can also design a bespoke course for your individual needs. We realise different areas of healthcare require different focuses and must target this using various curriculum models. Our team are qualified to help with the development and operation of courses that fill this bespoke nature.




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